Update on North Middlesex A&E – Response from Mayor

Further to my letter to the Mayor of London following the Care Quality Commission’s report rating the North Middlesex University Hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department, I have received a response which can be read here.

Response from Joanne McCartney AM to the CQC’s “Inadequate” rating for NMUH

Responding to the CQC’s “Inadequate” rating for North Middlesex University Hospital, Local London Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney AM, said:

“Nobody can say they didn’t see this coming. This is the culmination of years of government underfunding, unnecessary restructuring and the resounding impact of the closure at Chase Farm.

“We’ve got a staffing crisis across London’s NHS of which this is by far the worst example. The reports we’ve had from North Middlesex about patients being left on trolleys for hours and plunging waiting times are startling. Unless the government reduces pressure on local health budgets and unless we see better primary care services locally to address pressure on A&E services, this crisis is only going to escalate.

“I’ve raised this with the Mayor and he has agreed to address the issue with the Regional Director for NHS London. I’ll also be sending a copy of this report to the Mayor. It’s shameful the Health Secretary hasn’t stepped up to address this problem.”

Warning of nursing shortage in Enfield and Haringey

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust is facing a serious nursing shortage, according to a new report from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). Data from the report showed 88 nursing posts had been left empty last summer as a result of Government policies. The shortage of nurses, which can be seen across the capital, is the result of a “devastating mix of NHS cuts, reductions in nurse training posts and bursaries, and low morale brought about by increasing work pressures.
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