About City Hall

The Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is the citywide government for London. Based in City Hall it comprises of an elected Mayor, currently Sadiq Khan, and the separately elected London Assembly. You can find out more about the London Assembly and the Greater London Authority on their website.

The Mayor

The Mayor acts as London’s spokesperson both domestically and internationally. The Mayor has responsibility for preparing legal strategies on transport, spatial development, economic development and the environment. The Mayor sets budgets for the GLA, Transport for London, the London Development Agency, the Metropolitan Police and London’s Fire Services.

The London Assembly

The Assembly is made up of 25 members, 11 of whom represent the whole of London and 14 of whom represent particular constituencies. Elections are held every four years. Labour currently has twelve members, the Conservatives have eight members, the Green Party have two members, UKIP have two members and the Liberal Democrats have one member.