Over 10,000 Children Stuck in Temporary Accommodation

In response to new Government figures revealing that 6,310 households in Enfield & Haringey were recorded as living in temporary accommodation between April and June 2019, including a total of 10,813 children, local London Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney AM, said:

“It is terrible to think of so many local families waking up on Christmas Day in unsuitable, and in some cases, unsafe living conditions.

“This is an often-overlooked scandal that has been perpetuated by decades of failure to hit housing supply targets. We simply cannot allow children in our community to remain trapped in unsuitable accommodation, often with no space to learn or play.

“Under Sadiq Khan, City Hall is making a difference by directly funding the development of new council homes for the first time. But the overall number of council homes in London continues to fall because the government refuses to end Right to Buy.

“The Government has an opportunity to turn this around by scrapping the Right to Buy and devolving the funding and the powers for the Mayor to go even further. The scrapping of no fault evictions, and the introduction of open-ended tenancies, would also make life in the private rented sector far more stable for millions of people”.