Joanne Welcomes 265 Affordable Home Starts in Haringey in 2018/19

In response to the Mayor’s announcement that 265 affordable homes were started by City Hall in Haringey during 2018/2019, local London Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney AM, said:

“It is hugely positive to see the Mayor is delivering the hundreds of desperately needed affordable homes in our borough.

“For too long, local people have been left to grapple with a growing housing crisis in Haringey. However, this announcement shows that City Hall is demonstrating the level of ambition needed to help the thousands of Londoners stuck on housing waiting lists and in the limbo of temporary accommodation.

“Even more could be done if the Government supported City Hall to meet housing demand across the capital by quadrupling the funding it currently pledges in this area and devolving more powers to the Mayor”.