Joanne welcomes lifting of cap on Hopper fare trips

Londoners will now be able to make unlimited bus and tram journeys within an hour and only be charged a single fare (£1.50). The announcement, made by the Mayor of London, was welcomed by Local London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney AM who said the move might encourage more people to use buses and would help lower income families in Enfield and Haringey.

The expansion of the Hopper fare scheme allows passengers to transfer any number of times even if they take a train or Tube between boarding buses. Since it was launched by the Mayor in September 2016, more than 140 million journeys have been made using the ‘Hopper’ fare.

The most recent data from Transport for London (TfL) shows that around 350,000 journeys are being made every weekday using the ‘Hopper’ fare. It is estimated by TfL that around 13,000 additional passengers will now benefit from the unlimited ‘Hopper’ fare every single day.

Labour London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney AM for Enfield & Haringey said:

“We know that the Hopper fare has already benefitted millions of Londoners, so it is great to see the scheme expand to allow unlimited bus and tram journeys within an hour for the price of a single fare.

“In particular, much of Enfield & Haringey is not served by the tube, meaning residents rely more on buses to get around. As such, this is especially welcome in Outer London boroughs.