Thrive LDN welcomed in Enfield & Haringey

A new city-wide campaign designed to improve mental health across the capital has been welcomed by local Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney. Thrive LDN, launched by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, aims to support Londoners to lead healthier, happier lives. Ms McCartney, who is also the Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare said support for young people was particularly important, and that all Londoners should remember that “it’s good to talk.”

The Thrive campaign sets out to maximise the potential of children and young people. Children in London are more likely to be admitted to hospital for a mental health condition compared to England as a whole, although the latest figures show this trend is starting to change. In Enfield & Haringey, the rate of admission is higher. Since 2010, an average of 99 children in Enfield and 108 children in Haringey per 100,000 have been hospitalised for a mental health condition. This compares with 92 per 100,000 across England.

The campaign brings together experts in voluntary, public and private organisations, clinicians and academics. Aside from the focus on children and young people, the campaign also aims to eradicate mental health stigma and discrimination and to make London a zero suicide city.

Local London Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney AM, said:

“More than 2 million Londoners will experience mental health problems this year. If you are not one of those 2 million, you almost certainly know someone who is. However, often due to stigma, far too few of us talk about it or get the help we need and deserve.

“It is vital that children in particular have the language and the space to discuss and manage their mental health. At the moment, a child in Enfield & Haringey is more likely to be admitted to hospital with a mental health condition than elsewhere in England. That is something we need to change.

“I warmly welcome Mayor Khan’s decision to launch Thrive LDN. People in both Enfield & Haringey should look out for the events and advertising campaigns to come, but in the meantime we should all remember that it’s good to talk.”