Joanne McCartney AM assumes responsibility for education and childcare

On the day that thousands of schoolchildren around London receive their GCSE results, Sadiq Khan announced that Joanne McCartney, Statutory Deputy Mayor of London and Assembly Member for Enfield and Haringey will extend her statutory brief to include education and childcare.

Joanne McCartney AM has been a member of the London Assembly since June 2004 and in May 2016, Sadiq appointed Joanne to the position of Statutory Deputy Mayor of London. Joanne is a passionate advocate for children and young people. During her time as a local councillor, she chaired Enfield’s Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership.

London’s schools are amongst the best in the country, yet too many of those most disadvantaged aren’t able to fully benefit from the wealth of opportunities available.

Joanne will be working with the Mayor and a range of stakeholders to transform the life chances for young Londoners, ensuring all children are able to get the best start in their lives and are able to reach their full potential by being prepared for life and work in a world city.

Her priorities in the role will include improving access, quality and affordability of childcare and early-years education; working with London boroughs to provide a good school place for every child and promoting and celebrating excellent teaching in London to improve standards in schools and increase staff retention. She will also provide leadership and support to a city-wide effort to recruit a new generation of headteachers.

Sadiq Khan said: “As a child I had a great education in local state schools – with teachers who inspired me. I strongly believe that how we educate and train people – both as youngsters and throughout their lives – has a profound impact not only on their own chances in life but on London’s economy and competitiveness.

“That’s why I’m delighted that my Deputy Mayor, Joanne McCartney will lead on ensuring that all of London’s schoolchildren get the best start in life and can reach their full potential.”

Joanne McCartney AM said: “Every child in London should have the best possible chances for happiness and success, making the most of our city’s great opportunities. We’re lucky that our schools are amongst the best in the country and young Londoners are full of bright talent, but we still have a job to do to make sure all London’s young people receive the schooling they deserve.

“I’m looking forward to working with London boroughs, teachers and most importantly, schoolchildren to ensure that together we can ensure that all children, regardless of their background, are able to flourish and excel from early-years through to their chosen career path.”

Notes to editors

In May 2016, the Mayor appointed Joanne to the position of Statutory Deputy Mayor of London. This announcement marks an extension of her current statutory brief to include education and childcare.

Joanne McCartney AM has a strong record of tackling the issues that matter to Londoners. Prior to her appointment as Deputy Mayor, Joanne chaired the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee. She was at the forefront of efforts to make the capital safer and led investigations into confronting child sexual exploitation, preventing extremism in London, and boosting the diversity of the Metropolitan Police. She has also been a strong voice on protecting neighbourhood policing and tackling crime on London’s transport network.

Joanne also previously chaired the Assembly’s Health & Public Services Committee. She led efforts to put the spotlight on vital issues including breast cancer screening, the decline of London’s public toilets and access to mental health services. She has also served on the Assembly’s Budget & Performance Committee.

Prior to her time on the London Assembly, Joanne served as a local councillor in Enfield from 1998 to 2006. During this time, she chaired Enfield’s Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership and was a Director of Millfield House & Theatre.

Before becoming an Assembly Member, Joanne also enjoyed a profession as a barrister and specialised in employment law. She worked as an adjudicator to the Housing Ombudsman too, handling disputes between landlords and tenants.

Joanne has three children.