Joanne McCartney questions Mayor on appalling number of London’s children living in poverty

In November 2014 Mayor’s Question Time, I again asked a question to the Mayor on what action he is taking to address the shocking levels of child poverty in London. You can watch a video of the exchange here:


Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) released a child poverty map of the UK in October 2014 that highlighted concerning figures for London, which has the highest child poverty figures in the UK. 14 of top 20 local authorities with the highest levels of child poverty are in London which includes both my constituencies – Enfield ranks 7th and Haringey ranks 11th.

CPAG have further broken down the data into parliamentary constituencies and it is concerning that Enfield and Haringey move up the list with Edmonton ranking 6th parliamentary constituency with the highest levels of child poverty at 37 per cent after housing costs, and Tottenham ranks 8th with a level of 36 per cent of children living in poverty.

During the questioning, I asked the Mayor to develop a London Child Poverty Strategy to bring greater focus to this important area and he agreed that it is a concern and that he would look into adopting a child poverty strategy. Further to our discussion in November, I have written to the Mayor requesting an update on the action he has taken on implementing a Child Poverty Strategy. You can read my letter here.

I will continue to raise this issue with the Mayor so that we can work to eradicate child poverty from London.

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