Latest figures: 22 Police Officers cut in Enfield and 123 cut in Haringey

Latest figures released by the Mayor of London show that 22 police officers have been cut in Enfield, a drop of 4% and 123 in Haringey, a drop of 17% since May 2010. The latest figures show that despite the Mayor’s pledge to increase police numbers, the opposite is happening on his watch.  The cut in police officers comes after criticism of the Mayor’s new Local Policing Model which Joanne McCartney AM argues is eroding neighbourhood policing in the borough.

The number of borough-based police officers in Enfield has dropped from 590 in May 2010 to 568 in January 2014; and in Haringey they have dropped from 731 to 608.  Across London, the number of police officers has declined by 3,111 (9%).

Joanne McCartney AM, London Assembly for Enfield and Haringey said:

“Despite promising us there would be one thousand more police officers in London, the truth is the Mayor has failed to deliver. We have lost over 3,000 police officers in London.  In Enfield we have lost 22 police officers and 103 PCSOs, and in Haringey we have lost 123 police officers and 74 PCSOs.  The Mayor has already admitted that there may be flaws in his new community policing plan, the HMIC has reported that the met now has the third lowest visibility of officers in the country. The Mayor needs to act on his promise and get officers into our neighbourhoods.”

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