Local Assembly Members welcome North London Waste Authority decision on Pinkham Way

Local Labour London Assembly Members Andrew Dismore (Barnet & Camden) and Joanne McCartney (Enfield & Haringey) welcome the North London Waste Authority’s decision to end procurement for long-term waste management services, meaning the plans to build a waste treatment facility in Pinkham Way, Bounds Green have been put on hold indefinitely.

Both Assembly members have long campaigned with and supported the Pinkham Way Alliance to halt the procurement and readdress the issue of waste management with agreement with the local community.  

A number of concerns over the Pinkham Way site were raised by the local Assembly Members and residents including increased air pollution, the proximity to residential areas, the increased traffic and noise disturbance it would have brought to the area and the impact to the natural habitats of wildlife on the site.  Furthermore, questions arose over the procurement process and the economic impact to the area as businesses would be reluctant to relocate to an area congested with trucks carrying waste material.

Andrew Dismore AM said:
“I welcome the North London Waste Authority’s decision to end the procurement process for Pinkham Way after our long campaign with the Pinkham Way Alliance. This is a victory for the local residents whose hard work has paid off. Residents in Barnet were rightly concerned with a waste treatment facility in Pinkham Way and the increased traffic that would have come with it.  We still object to the Pinkham Way site being used as depot and I hope that this plan will also be scrapped.”

Joanne McCartney AM said:
“Along with local residents, I am pleased by the announcement of the North London Waste Authority to end their procurement process thereby putting plans for Pinkham Way as a waste treatment facility at an end. These plans have been fiercely opposed by Enfield and Haringey residents and I am pleased to see that the Authority has finally listened to our concerns.”

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