Happy International Youth Day!

Today marks the United Nation’s International Youth Day across the world and celebrates the efforts that young people contribute to society and local communities.  The first International Youth Day began in 2000 and this year the event focuses on youth migration and the risks and exploitation involved.

It is important to remember the difficulties and pressures that young people in London are still currently facing such as a high youth unemployment rate, difficulty in gaining affordable housing, exam stress, the pressures of growing up and the negative stereotypes that are often associated with young people.

In particular, I would like to thanks Positive Youth News Haringey for the important work they have done in challenging perceptions between the police and young people in the local community, and for their work promoting the many achievements of our local young people. Positive Youth News Haringey is a project started in the aftermath of the riots in Tottenham, August 2011 and focus on challenging the negative stereotypes that young people are wrongly given by promoting the good news and actions of young people locally.

You can see a copy of their excellent report to me here.  For more information on Positive Youth News Haringey, you can follow them on twitter, facebook or look at their website.

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