Police consultation date change in Haringey

The consultation which allows us to comment on the Mayor’s proposals, which include the loss of police officers, changes to Safer Neighbourhood Teams and the closure of police stations has changed date.

The consultation in Haringey will now take place on Monday 25th February, 8pm at Haringey Civic Centre.

Registration is still valid for those who have previously registered for the old date.  If you have not yet registered, register now for your chance to have your say on the changes to policing in Haringey.

Picture 017In Haringey we have already lost 50 PCSOs since 2010 and we could lose:

  • 58 Police Officers by 2015
  • Muswell Hill police station
  • Tottenham and Hornsey police stations will be reduced from 24/7 to be only open during the day

You can register to attend the consultations at the following link: http://www.london.gov.uk/events/policing-and-crime-consultation-events


The Haringey consultation will take place on Monday 25th February, 8pm at Haringey Civic Centre.

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