TfL agrees to accept ‘Companion Badges’

Local London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney welcomes Transport for London’s decision to accept ‘companion badges’ in Haringey.

This comes as a huge relief for constituents who have been fined for displaying a companion badge rather than their blue badge, after they were targeted by thieves. The companion badge scheme was introduced by Haringey Council in an attempt to tackle the theft of blue badges from disabled drivers. Figures show that in 2010/2011, 560 disabled Londoners had their blue badges stolen.

Joanne McCartney AM and Cllr Gideon Bull were contacted by resident Mr John Impey who received a ticket for parking on a red route and was using his companion badge in place of his blue badge. Following pressure from Joanne McCartney AM, TfL have finally agreed to accept Haringey’s companion badges.

Local Labour London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney said:

Joanne McCartney, Mr Impey and local White Hart Lane Ward Councillors

“Blue badge thefts have caused a lot of problems for disabled people across London. I am very pleased that TfL has now accepted the use of Haringey’s companion badge in addition to the blue badge. It is a fantastic scheme that gives disabled people the reassurance that they will be able to park across the borough without fear of receiving a ticket.

“It was difficult enough dealing with the theft of a blue badge from your vehicle and to have to appeal against a parking ticket given by TfL each time you used the companion badge was simply not acceptable.”

Local Councillor Gideon Bull said:
“Before residents were being penalised for using a scheme designed to address the problem of theft of blue badges. Working together we have amended TfL’s policy over the Companion Badges scheme and I am delighted that we have made life easier for disabled drivers across Haringey.”

Mr John Impey, said:
“I have had many difficulties because of thieves stealing my blue badge which meant I received a parking fine, even if my companion badge was displayed. I then had to appeal further parking fines and it was a laborious and unnecessary process.

“I’m delighted TfL now recognise the companion badge in Haringey will make life a lot easier.”

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