Government slammed over Remploy closure plan

Local Labour Assembly Member Joanne McCartney slams the Minister for Disabled People for plans to close the North East London Remploy Factory.

The Remploy North East London factory in Tottenham is one of 36 Factories the Government is proposing for closure.  The Tottenham Factory employs 24 people, including 22 disabled employees, who would face compulsory redundancy.

Joanne said “I have written to the Minister for Disabled people about this appalling plan. I am shocked that the Government would deliberately add 22 vulnerable disabled people to the list of 10, 393 unemployed residents of Haringey.

Joanne continued:  “There are so few employment opportunities in Haringey – the latest figures reveal that there’s only 481 vacancies.  It is beyond belief that the Government would consider pushing ahead with this plan to strip the independence and livelihood from these disabled workers.  I am urging the Minister to rethink her plans.”

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