TfL hear residents’ Enfield Town bus station concerns

Local London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney invited TfL to meet with local residents at Enfield Town bus station and hear their concerns about ongoing disruption from buses leaving their engines running whilst waiting.

On Thursday Joanne met with a senior Transport for London officer, together with local Councillors and a group of local residents, at the bus station in Enfield Town.

Joanne said: “People living in the vicinity of this bus station are tired of living with continuing disruption caused by bus drivers leaving their engines turning over while waiting at the bus stands. The bus engines are noisy and it’s easy to understand their frustration”.

There is a sign at the bus station to remind drivers to switch off their engines, however this message is being routinely ignored. Residents explained that this problem is particularly bad at night, with buses operating a 24 hour service from the bus station.

Joanne continued “I’m pleased that TfL have listened to the residents’ concerns first-hand. They have promised to take this matter to Arriva who operate the buses here and also to carry out proper on-site monitoring. I will be keeping an eye on this and look forward to improvements for local residents”.

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