City Hall council tax cut will buy you one onion a month

Local Labour Assembly Member Joanne McCartney emphasises the meagre saving that Boris Johnson’s council tax cut will save Londoners – just 26p a month – enough to buy one onion.

The Mayor today announced that he will cut City Hall’s share of council tax by £3.10 a year – 26p a month, 6p a week, or less than a penny a day.

By contrast, the Mayor put up the price of a zone 1-4 travelcard by £8.75 a month this year. He has put up bus fares by 50 per cent, from 90p to £1.35. Fares have risen by an average of 26 per cent since Boris Johnson was elected.

Cutting the City Hall portion of council tax by one per cent will cost the Greater London Authority £9.35 million.

Local Assembly Member Joanne McCartney said: “I’m supporting a 7% fares cut that will save Londoners £1,000 over 4 years, which will really help them during these difficult times.  This tiny cut is clearly just a publicity stunt as it won’t help people struggling with this recession.”

Joanne continued “It’s clear the Mayor is making this fanfare gesture to try and hide his extortionate fare rises.  This gesture is insulting to people’s intelligence and their financial struggles.”

Boris Johnson’s 6p a week council tax cut saves Londoners enough to buy:

  • One box of organic eggs a year
  • One cooking apple a month
  • One tin of Tesco value beans a month
  • One onion a month
  • One packet of salted peanuts a year

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