Boris’s budget reveals “out of touch” Mayor

London Mayor Boris Johnson this week came under pressure from local Assembly Member Joanne McCartney over soaring six figure City Hall salaries, police cuts and huge fare rises.

As the Mayor faced questions on his final £14.6 billion budget of this term, Labour Assembly Members highlighted:

  • New figures showing a 33 per cent rise in the number of City Hall advisers earning over £100,000 a year
  • Boris Johnson’s decision to cut 1,700 police officers in the last two years
  • New House of Commons figures showing a huge 26 per cent increase in bus, tube, tram and bus fares since 2008

Labour members of the Assembly proposed to reverse the huge pay rises of mayoral advisers; to cut transport fares by 7 per cent; and to put extra police in high crime areas, on the transport network and into schools; and to tackle unemployment.

Local Labour Assembly Member Joanne McCartney said: “The Mayor’s budget reveals just how out of touch he is with ordinary Londoners. Huge above-inflation fare hikes with nothing to curb extortionate rents, nothing to limit redundancies and nothing to tackle job insecurity. He clearly fails to understand what matters to people in this city or to understand the impact the financial squeeze is having on families and commuters.”

“I find it quite extraordinary that at a time when we’re seeing huge rises in youth unemployment across Enfield & Haringey, this Mayor thinks it appropriate to increase the pay of his executive team. There’s over 20,000 people looking for work in my constituency and only around 1,500 vacancies. Meanwhile a staggering 24 City Hall officials are now on £100,000+ salaries.”

“Again, when residents are worried about escalating rates of muggings and residential burglary, this week the Mayor admitted that police numbers had fallen by 1,700 in two years under his watch.”

“We’re asking the Mayor to acknowledge that a new approach is needed and to take our suggestions for the budget which would mean fairer pay scales, more police officers and lower fares for ordinary Londoners.”

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