Easing bureaucracy for riot claimants

Local Assembly Member Joanne McCartney convinces Met Commissioner and the Chair of the MPA to give special consideration to riot damage victims.

Joanne has persuaded the Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) to re-examine riot claims that had been deducted. Last month Joanne wrote to the Commissioner following reports that charitable donations to residents and traders were being deducted from riot claims they make. She fought again on the residents’ behalf at the MPA’s last meeting yesterday.

Joanne said “It is unfair and inappropriate that residents are facing deductions from their riot claims because of charity payments they received for emergency clothing and toiletries in the immediate aftermath of the riots. Even the charities that helped residents and businesses are dismayed that their help has resulted in this bureaucratic wrangle.”

The Chair of the MPA admitted that there were problems with the wording in the Riot Damages Act and that the original claim forms were confusing, which had led to the deductions from claims.

Joanne continued “I was appalled that residents and businesses who have already had their lives turned upside down were expected to fill out more forms and letters to clear this up. I argued this point and succeeded in getting an agreement from the Chair to re-examine claims already deducted and to accept blanket letters from the charities who donated as a straightforward way to clear this up.”

Joanne urged “We are all very grateful to the charities and Council who have already provided vital assistance at the time of the riots, and I’m now making one further request, urging them to write to the Met Police to clarify the emergency situation under which they made their donations. This will save all the individual residents who received assistance from further paperwork and delays to their claims.”

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