Resolution needed for riot claims bureaucracy

Local Assembly Member Joanne McCartney has today written to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police asking for resolution to bureaucratic confusion and delays to riot claims.

Joanne’s plea follows reports that charitable donations to residents and traders will be deducted from riot claims they make. Joanne McCartney said “I have today written to the Commissioner for a positive resolution to this issue. These charitable payments were given in the immediate aftermath of the riots, to home and clothe residents who had lost their homes. This is clearly very different from the compensation under the Riot Damages Act.”

The Metropolitan Police have said that the charitable donor will be reimbursed, and after the payment has been made the donor can then make the donation again.

Joanne said “We know the Riot Damages Act 1886 is sorely out of date in many aspects, but that does not rule out applying common sense. It has been almost five months since residents and traders lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods, and they must not be inconvenienced further by bureaucratic technicalities.

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