Stay safe on New Year’s Eve

At this time of year most of us will be going out seeing friends and family, office parties and New Year’s celebrations. It is even more important to stay safe and not put yourself at risk by getting into illegal taxis. You wouldn’t get into a stranger’s car during the day, so why risk it at night when you’re more vulnerable? Women travelling home alone late at night are at particular risk. It’s important for people to put the ‘Cabwise’ number in their phone, all you have to do is text ‘CAB’ to 60835 and you’ll receive numbers for licensed minicab and taxi companies in the area you’re texting from. It’s as simple as that, so please put this into your phone and stay safe. You can find more details at

Enjoy the festive period, spending time with family and friends and stay safe.

Merry Christmas,

Joanne McCartney AM