Boris should “think again” on unfair fares

Local London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney today warned of an impending affordability crisis on London’s transport network as she called on Boris Johnson to reverse above inflation fare rises.

The latest fare rises mean that under Boris Johnson:

A single bus fare up 50% – from just 90p in 2008 to £1.35 from January 2012

A weekly bus pass up 45% – costing Londoners £301.60 more a year

A weekly zone 1-4 travel card up 21% – from £34.90 in 2008 to £41.80 from January.

A weekly zone 1-6 travel card up 20% – from £44.60 in 2008 to £53.40 from January 2012.

For a worker on average pay in Enfield a monthly travel card now costs 12.4 per cent of take home pay. Cleaners, shop assistants and others on the minimum wage in the borough will be spending 22.8% per cent of their take home pay just to get to work.

A worker on average pay in Haringey will spend 8.7% of their take home pay on a weekly travel card, while those on the minimum wage will need to find 17.9% of their wages to pay these travel costs.

Local London Assembly Member, Joanne McCartney said:

“These fare hikes are unfair and unnecessary and the Mayor should think again. The costs of living in London are going through the roof for those on lower and middle incomes. It’s reaching crisis point and Boris should have these people in mind.”

“It’s scandalous that Enfield residents on an average wage are having to work 45 days a year and Haringey residents 32 days a year just to cover the cost of getting to their workplace. Boris should spend less time campaigning for tax cuts for the richest people in London and more time keeping fares down for everyone else.”