Joanne McCartney AM “deeply concerned” by rising unemployment figures

Local Assembly Member Joanne McCartney is deeply concerned by today’s unemployment figures which show the number of people across the UK out of work at 2.62 Million with 1.02 Million young people jobless.

Figures for Enfield show that the number of job seekers has risen to 10,623, a staggering 16% increase in the last year.

The number of job seekers in Haringey is 10,598, which is a 7.5% increase since last October.

Local London Assembly member, Joanne McCartney said: “I am deeply concerned by today’s unemployment figures, which are a shocking indictment of the government’s failing economic policies. It is time for Boris Johnson and the government to change course and abandon their reckless economic plan.”

Joanne continued: “At the latest count there were 2,850 18-24 year olds seeking work in Enfield and 2,320 in Haringey. This is a damning indictment of the legacy this Mayor and government are creating.”

“We all accept that the deficit has got to be reduced, but the government’s policies are making things worse, it’s time they adopted a plan for growth. Their current approach is making it harder to pay off the deficit and is risking another lost generation.”