Boris Johnson admits he wanted Spurs to abandon Tottenham for the Olympic Stadium

Responding to questioning from local London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney on the Olympic Stadium debacle at Mayor’s Question Time today, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson explained “if they [Tottenham Hotspur] wanted to bid for the stadium I saw no harm in that”. Going further he also stated it was “completely the right thing to do”.

 Joanne McCartney, whose Enfield and Haringey constituency is home to Tottenham Hotspur, said: “Tottenham is one of London’s poorest communities in urgent need of extensive, lasting regeneration and with some of the highest unemployment rates in the country. The Mayor says he supports regeneration but it’s clear he wanted Spurs to bid forStratford’s Olympic Stadium.”

Boris has blamed the collapse of the original Olympic Stadium deal with West Ham on having to “faff around” with legal issues.

Boris said: “What were doing is ending the faffing around that was going on because of a great number of legal anxieties that had crept into the decision to go with West Ham.”

Joanne replied: “I understand that you actually encouraged Spurs to bid for the Olympic Stadium so at a lot of the faffing around that’s ensued perhaps can be laid at your door. Do you regret that and is it now time for Spurs to commit once and for all to staying in Tottenham?” 

Boris said: “if they [Spurs] wanted to bid for the stadium I saw no harm in that…it was completely the right thing to do”.