• Enfield has lost 30 police officers and Haringey has lost 40 police officers in the last year, new figures from the Metropolitan Police Authority reveal.
  • Local London Assembly member Joanne McCartney says Mayor Boris Johnson must take responsibility

 New figures published by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) show that between them Enfield & Haringey have lost 70 full time warranted officers since March 2010. AcrossLondonthere are now 1,130 fewer borough based police officers than there were a year ago.

 Joanne said the figures exposed as “hypocrisy” Boris Johnson’s call for a halt to police cuts.

Following the riots last month the London Mayor said the case for reducing police officer numbers had always been “frail”. “I think that this is not a time to think about making substantial cuts in police numbers”, he said.

But the figures from the MPA show that, under the Mayor’s own plans, police officer numbers were falling long before theLondonriots.

EnfieldIn March last year there were 595 full time warranted officers. This number has fallen to 565 as of July 2011.

Haringey:  In March last year there were 729 full time warranted officers, and this figure has now dropped to 689 in July 2011.

Boris Johnson’s police authority published plans earlier this year to cut 1,800 officers by 2013/14. 

Joanne said: “The Mayor’s cuts to police in Enfield & Haringey undermine the fight against crime and should be reversed. He should think again about his own cuts – not just try to blame others. I think the hypocrisy of a Mayor who proposed two years ago to cut 455 police officers now saying he’s against these cuts is clear for all to see.”