Mayor’s ‘unfair’ fare rises slammed

Local London Assembly member, Joanne McCartney, has described Mayor Boris Johnson’s latest public transport fare rises as unfair and unnecessary.

 The Mayor this week announced that fares will soon rise by as much as 8 per cent – the third significant hike since Boris Johnson was elected in 2008. A single bus fare has now gone up by 56 per cent.

 A zone 1-4 travelcard will now cost commuters inEnfieldand Haringey £42.60 – an increase of 23 per cent

 Joanne McCartney, local Labour London Assembly member, said: “This is another painful and unfair squeeze on the pockets of anyone who has to use public transport. Bus, train and tube users are being made to pay for the Mayor’s unnecessary shrinking of the congestion charge and re-design of the buses. 

 “Boris should spend less time campaigning for tax cuts for the richest 300,000 people in London and more time keeping fares down for the other seven and a half million.”

 Fare rises since 2008

 Single bus ticket up 56%

·        was 90p in 2008

·        will be £1.40 in 2012

Costing Londoners £260 a year more

 Weekly bus and tram pass up 47%

·        was £13.00 in 2008

·        will be £19.10 in 2012

Costing Londoners £317 a year more

 Weekly zone 1-4 travelcard up 23%

·        was £34.60 in 2008

·        will be £42.60 in 2012

Costing Londoners  £416 a year more