Broomfield House restoration stalled by government cuts

Local Assembly Member Joanne McCartney has expressed her disappointment that Government cuts that have withdrawn the funds for the restoration of Broomfield House.

The Mayor had earmarked £5.94million funding for the restoration from the previous Government’s Private Sector Renewal fund.  The coalition Government have deleted this programme and the future of Broomfield House is now uncertain.

Joanne said “I’m extremely disappointed with this news, it’s another example of the impact of the Coalition Government’s cuts locally.  When I pressed the Mayor of London on this in December he said he was committed to funding it – but two weeks ago he told me that the Government had withdrawn funding. .”

The Mayor had already allocated £500,000 for preparatory work, and the rest of the funding was due to be paid this year.

 Joanne said “Locally we had been delighted that this historic building would be restored and so this news has come as a great shock to us. I have asked the Mayor when he first knew the funding had been cut.  I am also asking for an urgent meeting on this issue and that he gives this scheme priority and lobbies his colleagues in Government to come up with the funds to get this project back on track.”